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Glass canopies are a great way to let in natural light while also protecting against weather conditions. Canopies can be made with one large glass panel or multiple smaller ones, and they can be installed with a forward or backward slope to best suit your needs. Teamwork provides fixing systems using sturdy stainless steel rods or spider fittins, making our glass canopies ideal for both residential and commerical use. Not to mention, our canopies are also stylish and look great!

Living in a city apartment has many perks. Most people who live in apartments don’t have a lot of room to grow so trees and plants are usually out of the question. However, you can still bring the beauty of nature into your home, even if you’re on a high floor and don’t have a lot of outdoor space. One of the easiest ways to do this is to bring in some glass canopies. These are special boxes that you can just place on your window and it will let in a ton of natural light and protect you from the weather.